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We are dedicated to safeguarding your assets and wishes with personalised care. We specialise in the administration of deceased estates, estate planning, drafting wills and a range of financial services.

ca trust company


Our experienced team blends professional expertise with tailored service, offering both the know-how of large firms and the accountability, discretion and exclusivity of a specialised business.


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Administration of Deceased Estates, Estate Planning & Drafting of Wills

At CA Trust Company, we believe in taking the necessary time to help look after what is valuable to you and the ones you love with the utmost care and skill. We make sure to connect with each client, in order to review, understand and manage each person’s unique needs.

We specialise in the administration of deceased estates, ensuring that all estates are managed expertly, efficiently and personally. We offer a professional, compassionate and burden-free estate administration service that alleviates the weight families experience when a loved one passes away and benefits the family, beneficiaries and heirs. Furthermore, we offer peace of mind by ensuring that all legislative obligations are complied with, taxation implications are prudently managed and regular, personal and efficient feedback and progress reports are received.

Trust Formation & Administration

Once we have taken care of a client’s personal financial management, if appropriate, we form, register and administer an inter vivos trust, of which we can also act as professional trustees.  Alternatively, upon the passing of a client, we attend to a testamentary trust.  At this time, we ensure that the estate is administered in order to realise the specific wishes expressed in the will. We ensure that all legislative requirements and all the formalities prescribed by the Master of the High Court and SARS are attended to efficiently and accurately. Furthermore, we act as High Court appointed executors.

Corporate Administration

We attend to the registration of companies and provide a company secretarial service, which can include maintaining minute books, recording changes in directors and shareholders and amending statutory records.  We are able to act as non-executive directors and help implement corporate governance requirements. We assist management with business plans and cash-flow projections, business restructuring and employee incentive schemes.

Taxation & Accounting Assistance

For both individuals and companies, we advise on and assist with accounting and tax-related administration, record-keeping, compliance and resolving disputes with SARS.


As curators appointed by the High Court, we care for people who are unable to manage their own finances and other commercial matters.


We provide an experienced, specialist service in dispute resolution, through chairing arbitrations, mediations and general dispute resolutions in a range of business and personal matters.  Our priority, at all times, is to obtain a swift resolution and to foster goodwill.

Years of getting to know our clients has taught us that what people really need from a trust company is not only the know‑how and experience that large established companies can offer but also, and perhaps more vitally, the accountability, discretion and exclusivity of a smaller business. Our skilled, growing body of staff, lead by an accomplished interdisciplinary team of directors, offers both: expert, professional assistance and personal, respectful service.

Gordon Turner

Gordon Turner | Director

CA (SA), Fiduciary Practitioner of South Africa®

Advanced Diploma in Estate and Trust Administration (UFS)

Gordon is an erudite chartered accountant who, during his successful 30-year career, has held senior positions both locally and internationally. He has been trusted to hold numerous board member and trustee positions and the position of audit committee chairman. Among his many skills, Gordon is an expert in assisting owner-managed businesses with accounting, taxation, estate planning and trust administration.

Jacqueline van Bochove

Jacqueline van Bochove | Director

BJURIS LLB, Fiduciary Practitioner of South Africa®

Advanced Diploma in Estate and Trust Administration (UFS)

With more than 20 years of legal experience to draw on, both as an attorney and advocate, Jacqui attends to all legal aspects of wills, estates and trusts. While she specialises in deceased estates and trust administration, she also assists with advising and drafting customised wills and specialised administration of deceased estates, inter vivos trusts and testamentary trusts.

Kevin Helm

Kevin Helm CA (SA) | Director


With a background in owner-managed businesses and 40 years of accounting experience, Kevin is a crackerjack in his field. Among his many proficiencies, Kevin assists entrepreneurs with estate planning, drafting of appropriate wills and administration of personal trusts. He acts as a High Court appointed curator and, being a member of the Association of Arbitrators of South Africa, he acts as an arbitrator in personal and business disputes. Kevin also assists with income tax disputes with SARS.

Lindy Stadler

Lindy Stadler | Director

Bcom (Honours), Postgrad Cert in Advanced Taxation

Who better to deal with your tax issues than a taxation expert with years of experience who has also worked for SARS?  Having worked “on the inside”, Lindy has the insight required to give sound and expert advice. She also has experience in accounting matters relating to small businesses and deals with all forms of income tax compliance.

Working closely alongside the directors is an astute team with the knowledge and skills to deliver efficient service in deceased estate and trust administration, company secretarial services and comprehensive accounting services.